5 MW Solar Power Plant Cost in Ireland

Joe Brennan
Oct 31, 2023

Ever wondered about the cost of setting up a 5 MW solar power plant in Ireland? Finding accurate information can be tricky, but here's a helping hand.

Based on 2017 ISEA data, the cost could be close to €6 million. In this article, we'll break down the expenses, potential earnings, and key insights for solar farm projects.

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Cost of Developing a 5 MW Solar Power Plant in Ireland

The cost of developing a 5 MW solar power plant in Ireland can vary depending on several factors, such as land acquisition, equipment and installation costs, and grid connection expenses.

However, the estimated cost for such a project is typically around €7-9 million.

Factors affecting the cost

We can't deny that the cost of building a solar power plant varies greatly. Here are some major factors changing the final price:

  1. Size of the system: Bigger systems come with bigger costs. For example, it took almost €6 million to develop a 5MW solar farm in Ireland.
  2. Location: Land prices differ from place to place.
  3. Equipment cost: Different solar panels and other parts come with different prices.
  4. Installation company: Different companies charge different amounts for their work.
  5. Regulations and guidelines: Big solar farms have to follow special rules, which can add to the final cost.

Estimated cost

Developing a 5 MW solar power plant in Ireland can cost around €6 million. This cost includes various factors such as land acquisition, engineering, design, procurement of solar panels and other equipmentinstallation labour costsgrid connection fees, permits, and project management expenses.

It's important to note that these costs may vary depending on specific project requirements and market conditions. However, investing in solar energy is becoming increasingly attractive due to its long-term financial benefits and the potential for a sustainable future.

Income from Solar Farms in Ireland

The income from solar farms in Ireland varies based on factors such as the location, size of the farm, and government incentives.

Average income per acre

Landowners in Ireland can earn a good amount of money from solar farms. On average, they can receive an annual income ranging from €19,250 to €38,500 per acre. This means that if you have a large piece of land and decide to lease it for a solar farm, you could make a considerable income each year.

The amount of income you earn will depend on factors such as the size of your land and the agreement you make with the power company. But overall, investing in solar energy can be financially rewarding for landowners in Ireland.

Factors influencing income

There are several factors that can influence the income from a solar farm in Ireland. Here are some important ones to consider:

  1. Solar panel efficiency: The efficiency of the solar panels used on the farm can directly impact the amount of energy generated and, therefore, the income potential. High-efficiency panels can produce more electricity and generate higher revenue.
  2. Location: The location of the solar farm is crucial for its performance. Areas with more sunlight exposure will yield more energy output, resulting in higher income. It's important to choose a site that receives ample sunlight throughout the year.
  3. Feed-in Tariff (FiT) rates: The FiT rates set by the government determine how much you'll be paid for the electricity your solar farm generates. Higher FiT rates mean higher income potential.
  4. Maintenance and operation costs: Proper maintenance and efficient operation of the solar farm is essential for maximising income. Regular cleaning, monitoring, and necessary repairs should be factored into the overall cost to ensure optimal performance.
  5. Financing options: The financing method chosen for constructing and operating the solar farm can affect income potential. Different financing models have varying costs and returns on investment.
  6. Grid connection charges: Connecting your solar farm to the grid may incur certain charges or fees, which should be considered when calculating income.

Largest Solar Farm in Ireland

The largest solar farm in Ireland has a capacity of 5.6 MW and consists of 12,600 individual solar panels. It cost €5 million to develop this solar farm, which is located in County Cork.

With its significant capacity, the 5.6 MW solar farm contributes to Ireland's growing renewable energy sector and helps reduce carbon emissions.

Future Plans for Solar Energy in Ireland

The future of solar energy in Ireland looks promising, as there are plans for community-led solar farm projects and potential expansion of solar energy throughout the country. These initiatives aim to maximise the benefits of solar energy, including reduced carbon emissions and increased economic growth.

Community-led solar farm project

We are excited to share with you the community-led solar farm project in Ireland. This project is a collaborative effort between local residents, landowners, and a power company. The aim is to create a solar energy system that benefits both the community and the environment.

By installing solar PV arrays on unused land, the community can generate clean and renewable electricity. Not only does this help reduce carbon emissions, but it also provides an opportunity for homeowners to earn income by leasing their land for the solar farm.

With an estimated annual income of €19,250 to €38,500 per acre, this initiative offers a sustainable way for Irish homeowners to contribute towards a greener future while also benefiting financially from solar energy.

Additionally, this community-led project aligns with Ireland's plans for expanding its solar energy capacity in the coming years. With ambitious targets set for increasing renewable energy generation, initiatives like these play a crucial role in achieving those goals.

Moreover, by promoting collaboration between different stakeholders and providing support from government entities such as South Dublin County Council, more communities can be empowered to take part in similar projects across the country.

Potential expansion of solar energy in Ireland

We can see great potential for the expansion of solar energy in Ireland. Here are some key points to consider:

  • The Irish government has set a target of achieving 70% renewable electricity by 2030, which means there will be a significant increase in the demand for solar energy.
  • The price of solar panels has been decreasing steadily over the years, making it more affordable for homeowners to invest in solar power systems.
  • There are various incentives and grants available from the government to support the installation of solar panels, reducing the initial cost for homeowners.
  • Solar panels can generate electricity even on cloudy days, so Ireland's weather conditions are not a barrier to adopting solar energy.
  • By installing solar panels, homeowners can reduce their reliance on traditional fossil fuels, thereby contributing to a cleaner and more sustainable environment.
  • The potential income from solar farms is also an attractive factor for landowners. With an annual income ranging from €19,250 to €38,500 per acre, it can be a profitable investment.

Benefits of Solar Energy in Ireland

Solar energy offers several benefits in Ireland. Firstly, solar panels can generate electricity even in cloudy weather conditions, making them a viable option for Irish homeowners.

Additionally, installing solar panels on rooftops or in open-land areas can provide an opportunity for homeowners to reduce their electricity bills and reliance on fossil fuels. Moreover, with the government's aim to achieve 1,500 MW of solar PV capacity by 2022, investing in solar energy can contribute to Ireland's renewable energy goals and help reduce carbon emissions.

Lastly, landowners have the potential to earn a substantial income from leasing their land for solar farms, with an annual income ranging from €19,250 to €38,500 per acre. With these advantages in mind, it is worth considering the benefits of adopting solar energy solutions in Ireland.

Let’s Go Solar!

To build a 5 MW solar power plant in Ireland, it might cost just under €6 million, says ISEA. The biggest solar farm in Ireland is a 5.6 MW project that cost €5 million to build and has 12,600 solar panels.

With more room to grow and help from the government, solar energy has a bright future in Ireland. Want to be part of this? Get in touch with us today to learn how you can join and benefit from Ireland’s move towards solar energy.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost to build a 5 MW solar power plant in Ireland?

The cost of building a 5 MW solar power plant varies, and it depends on numerous factors like the photovoltaic power station investment, land costs, installation expenses, and renewable energy project expenses in Ireland.

Can landowners earn from hosting a solar farm on their property in Ireland?

Yes, landowners can make income per acre by housing a typical solar park or large-scale solar power plant as part of a community-led project or collaboration with companies for solar farm development.

What are South Dublin County Council's plans related to Solar Power Plants?

South Dublin County Council has plans to develop megawatt-grade solar farms, which will add value to the Irish Solar industry but the specific financial outlay can vary based on many factors.

How much do Solar PV panels cost in Ireland?

The cost of Solar PV panels in Ireland is just one component of the total expense of a solar project. Prices can differ based on the choice of solar panel manufacturers and the scale of the purchase.

What does setting up a photovoltaic power plant involve?

Setting up larger Photovoltaic power plants involves analysing costs since these projects require significant investments for implementing sizable renewable energy systems and managing generation expenses accordingly.

Are there any incentives for solar energy adoption in Ireland?

Yes, the Irish government offers various incentives and grants to promote the adoption of solar energy, both for residential and commercial purposes. It's advisable to check the latest schemes and policies for detailed information.

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