A Complete Guide to Ground-Mounted Solar Panels in Ireland

Joe Brennan
Jun 30, 2023

In this comprehensive guide by Going Solar, a leading solar panel installation company in Ireland, you’ll find everything you need to know about ground-mounted solar panels. Let’s dive.

Why Opt for Ground-Mounted Solar Panels?

Ground-mounted solar panels offer many benefits, making them an excellent choice for various applications.

Flexibility in Placement

Unlike rooftop systems, ground-mounted solar panels can be placed in any open area of your property. This means they can be positioned for optimal sun exposure, ensuring maximum energy production.

Ease of Maintenance

Ground systems are easier to access for cleaning and maintenance. This convenience can extend the lifespan of your panels and maintain peak performance.

Enhanced Cooling

Ground-mounted solar panels typically have better air circulation beneath them, which helps keep them more relaxed. Excellent panels are more efficient and produce more electricity than overheated panels.

Going Solar's Expertise in Ground-Mounted Solar Panels in Ireland

Going Solar is one of Ireland’s top solar panel installation companies, specialising in ground-mounted solar panels. Their team of experts is dedicated to providing the highest quality installation services to residential and commercial clients. Here’s what sets Going Solar apart:

Customised Solutions

Going Solar will evaluate your property and energy needs to design a ground-mounted system tailored to maximise energy production and cost savings.

Quality Installation

Their certified technicians ensure that your ground-mounted solar system is installed to the highest standards, guaranteeing efficiency and longevity.

After-sales Support

Going Solar offers unbeatable after-sales support and maintenance services to keep your system performing at its best.

The Installation Process of Ground-Mounted Solar Panels

Site Assessment

The first step is a site assessment, during which Going Solar's experts will evaluate your property to determine the best location for your ground-mounted system.

System Design

Next, the team will design a customised solar array based on your energy needs and the specifics of your property.


After the design phase, Going Solar's technicians will install the solar panels, ensuring that they are securely mounted and positioned for optimal sun exposure.

Connection and Testing

Once installation is complete, the system will be connected to your electrical grid and tested to ensure it’s operating efficiently.

How Ground-Mounted Solar Panels Can Save Your Money

Harnessing the sun's power to generate electricity with ground-mounted solar panels is not just an eco-friendly choice but also a financially savvy investment. Here's a breakdown of how ground-mounted solar panels can save you money:

Reduced Electricity Bills

The substantially reduced electricity bills are one of the most immediate benefits of installing ground-mounted solar panels. By generating your own electricity, you rely less on the grid. On sunny days, you may create more power than you need, which can often be sold back to the grid, earning you credits.

Government Incentives and Tax Breaks

In Ireland, various government incentives are available for those who choose to go solar. The Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI) offers grants that can cover a significant portion of the installation costs. Additionally, businesses can avail themselves of tax breaks and accelerated capital allowances, reducing the effective installation cost.

Protection Against Rising Energy Costs

Energy prices tend to fluctuate and, more often than not, rise over time. By investing in ground-mounted solar panels, you're locking in your electricity costs for the lifetime of your panels. This shields you from the volatility of energy prices, making your expenses more predictable and manageable.

Increased Property Value

Properties equipped with solar energy systems are often seen as more desirable. There is a growing demand for sustainable homes and businesses. As a result, installing ground-mounted solar panels can significantly increase the value of your property.

Longevity and Return on Investment

While an upfront cost is associated with installing ground-mounted solar panels, it's essential to consider this a long-term investment. Solar panels have a lifespan of 25-30 years. The cumulative savings over this period can be substantial, often exceeding the initial costs within a few years and providing a considerable return on investment.

Building a Greener Brand

For businesses, adopting solar energy can enhance their brand image by showcasing their commitment to sustainability. This can attract like-minded customers and partners and potentially open doors to new markets that value environmentally responsible practises.

Can Solar Panels Be Mounted on the Ground?

Yes, solar panels can be mounted on the ground, and this is an increasingly popular choice for many homeowners and businesses. Ground-mounted solar panels have several advantages over rooftop installations, including greater flexibility in positioning, easier maintenance, and often more efficient cooling, which can increase energy production. There are primarily two types of ground-mounted solar panels: standard ground mounts and pole mounts.

Standard Ground Mounts

Standard ground mounts involve fixing frames into the ground and then mounting the solar panels on these frames. The shelves can be adjusted to the desired angle to maximise sun exposure.

Pole Mounts

Pole mounts raise the solar panels higher off the ground and can sometimes accommodate more than one solar panel per pole. Some pole mounts have a tracking system that tilts the solar panels throughout the day to follow the sun, optimising energy production.

Ground-mounted solar panels are ideal if you have ample open space on your property, and they are instrumental if your roof is not suitable for mounting solar panels due to its structure, material, or orientation.

How are Solar Panels Installed on the Ground?

The installation of ground-mounted solar panels is a systematic process that involves several steps:

Site Evaluation

Before the installation begins, professionals from Going Solar will conduct a site evaluation to determine the most suitable location for the ground-mounted solar panels. This includes assessing sun exposure, soil type, and any potential obstructions.

Design and Planning

Based on the site evaluation, Going Solar’s experts will design a customised system that meets your energy requirements. This step also involves obtaining the necessary permits and ensuring the installation complies with local regulations.

Preparing the Ground

The ground where the panels will be installed needs to be prepared. This may involve levelling the ground, installing foundational structures such as concrete footings, and setting up mounting frames or poles.

Installing the Solar Panels

Once the groundwork is complete, the solar panels are mounted onto the frames or poles. The panels are adequately secured to ensure they are stable and positioned to maximise sun exposure.

Electrical Connections

After mounting the panels, the electrical components are installed. This includes the wiring, inverters, and connections to your property’s electrical system.

Testing and Commissioning

Finally, the system is tested after all the components are installed to ensure it functions correctly. Going Solar's experts will commission the system and guide you on monitoring and maintaining it.

Final Inspection

In some cases, a final inspection by a local authority may be required to ensure that the installation complies with all regulations.


Ground-mounted solar panels are a fantastic investment for homeowners and businesses in Ireland. They can significantly reduce your energy bills. Going Solar is Ireland's go-to company for high-quality solar panel installation services. Don’t miss the opportunity to make a sustainable choice. Contact Going Solar today and take the first step towards a greener future.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it cheaper to ground-mount solar panels?

It depends on various factors, such as the installation site, system size, and available incentives. Ground-mounted systems might require more materials for mounting, but they can often produce more electricity due to optimal positioning, offsetting the initial costs.

Are ground-mounted solar panels better?

Ground-mounted solar panels offer more flexibility in placement, ease of maintenance, and often better performance due to cooler temperatures. This makes them an attractive option, especially if you have ample space.

How much space is needed for ground-mounted solar panels?

For every kilowatt of solar panels, you will need approximately 100 square feet (9.3 square metres) of space. A typical residential system is around 5-6 kilowatts, so you need roughly 500-600 square feet (46.5 - 55.7 square metres) of space.

Do you need planning permission for solar panels on the ground?

In Ireland, planning permission is generally optional for solar panels that occupy less than 12 square metres, or 50% of the total area of your garden. However, checking with your local council for specific regulations is always advisable.

How do you hide ground-mount solar panels?

Using landscaping such as shrubs, trees, or decorative fencing, you can hide ground-mounted solar panels. However, make sure not to obstruct the panels’ exposure to sunlight.

What is the lifespan of ground-mounted solar panels?

Ground-mounted solar panels typically have a lifespan of 25-30 years. However, with proper maintenance, they can last even longer.

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