How Many Solar Panels Do You Need in Ireland?

Joe Brennan
May 10, 2023

As a leading provider of solar panel services in Ireland, Going Solar understands that the transition to solar energy can be a big decision for homeowners. One of the most common questions homeowners have when considering a solar PV system is, “How many solar panels do I need?”

This guide will explore the major factors determining the number of solar panels required for a typical Irish home and the appropriate solar system size for your home. We will also delve into the benefits, government incentives, and the future of photovoltaic panels in Ireland.

Factors that Determine the Number of Solar Panels

Several key factors determine the number of PV panels required for a home in Ireland. These include:

Energy consumption

The most critical factor is the energy your household consumes daily. The more energy your household uses, the more panels will be needed to meet that demand.

Roof size

The size of your roof also plays a significant role as it determines the amount of space available for solar PV panels. A larger roof means more space for these panels, allowing for a larger system.

Orientation and shading

The direction and shading of your roof also impact the number of PV panels needed. A south-facing roof with minimal shading will be able to accommodate more panels than a north-facing roof with significant shading.

Panel efficiency

The efficiency of the PV panels chosen also factors into the number of panels needed. More efficient panels will generate more energy per square foot of space, reducing the number of panels required.


The climate of the area you live in also plays a role in determining the number of panels needed. Ireland has a temperate maritime climate, so PV panels may not be as efficient as in places with more sunny weather.

How Do I Calculate How Many Solar Panels I Need for My House?

Calculating the number of solar panels needed for your home can be complex as it depends on energy consumption, roof size, orientation and shading, panel efficiency and climate.

At Going Solar, we are experts in determining the right number of solar panels for your home. Our team conducts a site assessment considering all of these factors to provide you with an accurate estimate of the number of panels you need. Contact us today for a free quote, and let us help you determine the perfect solar panel solution for your home.

What Size Solar System Do I Need in Ireland?

The size of the solar system required for your home will depend on factors such as your daily energy consumption, the size of your roof, and the orientation and shading of your roof.

A typical Irish home may require a 4kW solar system, typically comprised of 16-20 solar panels. However, this can vary depending on your specific needs, and our team at Going Solar will work with you to determine the appropriate size for your home.

How Much Does It Cost To Acquire A Solar PV System?

The cost of a solar PV system can vary depending on factors such as the system’s size, the panels’ efficiency, and the installation cost. A 4kW solar system for a typical Irish home can cost between €8000 to €10000. This includes the cost of the panels, the inverter, and the installation of the system.

However, it is essential to note that the price of a PV panel system can vary depending on the specific needs of your home, and it is always recommended to get a quote from a professional company like Going Solar.

Government Incentives

Various government grants and incentives are available in Ireland to help offset the PV panel cost. One such incentive is the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI) Better Energy Homes Scheme, which offers grants for PV panel systems and other energy-efficient home upgrades.

Additionally, the Renewable Energy Feed-in Tariff (REFIT) allows homeowners to earn money for any excess energy their solar PV system generates, which can further offset the cost of the system.

Benefits of Solar PV Panels

Installing a solar PV system in your home comes with several benefits, including:

1) Cost savings

One of the biggest benefits of PV panels is the potential to save money on your energy bills. By generating your own electricity, you can reduce or even eliminate your dependence on the grid, leading to significant savings over time.

2) Environmental benefits

Solar energy is a clean and renewable energy source, making it a sustainable choice for powering your home. By reducing your carbon footprint, you can positively impact the environment.

3) Increased property value

Homes with solar PV systems can often command a higher price on the market, making them a smart investment for homeowners.

4) Independence from the grid

Solar panels allow you to generate your own electricity and reduce your dependence on the grid, increasing your energy independence.

5) Low maintenance

Once installed, PV panels require very little maintenance, making them a convenient and cost-effective energy solution for homeowners.

Future of Solar Panels in Ireland

The future of solar panels in Ireland looks promising, with the Irish government setting ambitious targets for renewable energy generation. The government’s Climate Action Plan has set a target of 70% of Ireland’s electricity to come from renewable sources by 2030. This, along with the various government incentives and grants, is expected to lead to increased adoption of solar PV systems in Ireland.

Make the Switch to Solar Energy with Confidence

Making the switch to solar energy is a smart choice for homeowners in Ireland, offering cost savings, environmental benefits, and increased property value. A typical Irish home may require a 4kW solar system, costing between €8000 to €10000. 

Determining the number of solar panels needed can be complex, but with the help of a professional company like Going Solar, you can make an informed decision. Take the first step towards a sustainable future by contacting Going Solar for a free assessment and quote today.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How many solar panels do I need for my home in Ireland?

The number of solar panels needed varies based on your home’s energy consumption. A typical Irish household might need a solar system of about 3-4 kW, equating to roughly 10-14 solar panels.

What factors determine the number of solar panels I need?

Factors determining the number of solar panels include your home’s energy consumption, the panel’s wattage, the amount of sunlight your location receives, and the roof’s size and orientation.

Can Going Solar help me determine how many solar panels I need?

Going Solar provides personalised consultations to assess your energy needs, roof size, and budget. We use this information to recommend the optimal number of solar panels for your property.

Is there a limit on how many solar panels I can install?

While there isn’t a universal limit, the number of panels you can install depends on factors like your roof’s size, local building codes, and power company regulations. Your installer, such as Going Solar, can guide you on this.

Does having more solar panels mean generating more electricity?

Yes, generally, more solar panels mean more electricity production. However, the efficiency of energy generation also depends on other factors like panel type, installation angle, and local weather conditions.

What is the maximum solar panels allowed in Ireland?

In Ireland, there is no specific maximum limit on the number of solar panels allowed for residential or commercial installations. However, the size and number of panels should comply with planning and building regulations, and it is advisable to consult with local authorities or a solar installer to ensure compliance.

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