How to Use an Eddi Energy Diverter

Joe Brennan
Jan 4, 2023

Are you seeking to maximise the utility of your solar energy? Have you heard about Eddi energy diverters but need clarification on how they work or how to use them effectively? Worry no more. At Going Solar, a leading solar panel installation company in Ireland, we're here to illuminate "how to use an Eddi energy diverter". Read on to gain a thorough understanding of this revolutionary device and how it can help optimise your solar energy usage, reduce your electricity bills, and make your home more energy-efficient.

Overview of the Eddi Energy Diverter

An Eddi energy diverter is a device that maximises your use of solar energy. It detects when your solar system produces excess energy beyond your current usage and diverts it towards heating your hot water or other electrical storage heaters instead of feeding it back into the grid. This device is an excellent way to increase the effectiveness of your solar power system.

Importance of an Eddi Energy Diverter in Solar Panel Systems

As a leading provider of solar panel installation services in Ireland, Going Solar recognises the importance of utilising all the solar energy produced. With an Eddi energy diverter, you can redirect surplus solar energy to useful household tasks rather than feeding it back into the grid. This increases energy efficiency and lowers your electricity bills.

Improved Energy Efficiency

The Eddi energy diverter optimises your solar panel system's efficiency by redirecting surplus energy. You use it instead of wasting excess energy on other electric storage heaters for your hot water needs.

Lower Energy Bills

The Eddi energy diverter maximises your free solar energy, reducing the need to purchase extra power from the grid. As a result, you can significantly decrease your electricity bills.

How to Use an Eddi Energy Diverter?

Now that we understand why Eddi energy diverters are important, let's delve into "how to use an Eddi energy diverter".


A certified electrician should install the Eddi energy diverter. It connects directly to your water heater and your solar panel system. This connection allows it to monitor energy usage and divert excess power to your water heater.

Setting Your Preferences

Once installed, you can use the Eddi device interface or the accompanying smartphone app to set your preferences. You can specify the temperature of the water, times of operation, and priority of heating appliances, among other parameters.

Monitor and Adjust

The Eddi system will continue to monitor your energy consumption and production. If you notice a change in your needs or if the device diverts too much or too little energy, you can adjust the settings accordingly.

Going Solar's Eddi Energy Diverter Services

At Going Solar, we provide top-tier Eddi energy diverter installation services. Our certified professionals can help you with the installation, provide guidance on using an Eddi energy diverter, and offer continued support and maintenance for your system.

Installation Services

Our team of expert installers will ensure your Eddi energy diverter is correctly installed, ensuring optimum performance from your solar panel system.

Expert Guidance

We don't just install your Eddi energy diverter; we also guide you on how to use it effectively. We'll help you understand your energy usage patterns and adjust the settings to fit your needs best.

Maintenance and Support

Our commitment to you continues after installation. We offer regular maintenance checks and round-the-clock support to ensure your Eddi energy diverter operates flawlessly.

Troubleshooting Common Issues with Eddi Energy Diverters

Like all technologies, you might encounter issues with your Eddi energy diverter. However, understanding common problems and their potential solutions can help you navigate these challenges.

Eddi Device Not Detecting Surplus Energy

If your Eddi device isn't detecting surplus energy, ensure that your solar panels produce more energy than your household consumes. If they are, it might be an issue with the device settings or a fault in the system. Consult your service provider for assistance.

Eddi Device Not Diverting Energy to Heaters

If your Eddi device isn't diverting surplus energy to your heaters or hot water system, check your settings to ensure you've configured it to divert energy to the correct appliances. If everything seems correct, it could be a fault within the device or a problem with your heaters. Again, professional assistance may be required.

Upgrading Your Solar Panel System with an Eddi Energy Diverter

Upgrading your solar panel system with an Eddi energy diverter can significantly enhance energy efficiency. Here's why and how you should consider this upgrade.

Why Upgrade?

Upgrading to an Eddi energy diverter helps you maximise your use of solar energy. It diverts surplus energy to useful household tasks, ensuring no energy goes to waste. This optimises your solar panel system's efficiency and reduces your reliance on the grid, lowering energy bills.

How to Upgrade?

To upgrade your solar panel system with an Eddi energy diverter, contact a certified service provider like Going Solar. Our team of professionals can assess your existing system, advise on the best Eddi device for your needs, and carry out the installation, ensuring your upgrade process is seamless and beneficial.

Harness the Power of Your Solar Energy by Going Solar

Are you eager to amplify your solar panel energy use and save on electricity costs? At Going Solar, we're dedicated to helping you achieve optimal efficiency in your solar energy usage. Contact us today and let our team of experts guide you through "how to use an Eddi energy diverter". Embark on your journey towards greener, more cost-effective, and more efficient energy usage with Going Solar. We're with you every step of the way.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does an Eddi diverter work?

An Eddi energy diverter works by intelligently detecting surplus energy generated by your solar panels that would otherwise be exported back to the grid. The device diverts this surplus energy to heat your water or other electric storage heaters. It continually adjusts the heating power to match the available surplus energy, ensuring you maximise your solar power usage.

How do you hook up a solar diverter?

Connecting a solar diverter involves wiring it directly to your solar panel system and your water heater or electric storage heater. It is advisable to have a licenced electrician handle this because it involves electrical work. After installation, the diverter should be configured to suit your heating requirements and energy usage patterns.

What is an Eddi microgen energy diverter for heaters?

An Eddi microgen energy diverter for heaters is a specialised device designed to take the excess energy your solar panels produce and divert it to your heaters. The device continually monitors your energy usage and diverts excess energy to your heaters, ensuring no solar energy is wasted and improving the overall efficiency of your solar system.

What is an Eddi solar diverter?

An Eddi solar diverter, like an Eddi microgen energy diverter, is a device that diverts surplus solar energy. However, the Eddi solar diverter typically focuses on heating your water, ensuring that excess energy is used to heat your hot water tank instead of being sent back to the grid.

Is a power diverter worth it?

Like an Eddi energy diverter, a power diverter can be a valuable addition to a solar panel system. By diverting surplus energy to useful applications like heating water or other storage heaters, you optimise your solar energy usage, minimise reliance on the grid, and reduce energy bills. It can indeed be a worthy investment.

How do I stop my Eddi battery from draining?

If you notice that your Eddi system's battery drains rapidly, it may be due to incorrect settings or a malfunction. Firstly, adjust your settings to suit your energy usage patterns better. If the problem persists, it's advisable to contact your service provider for a thorough check-up and necessary repairs.

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