Zappi EV Charger Review

Joe Brennan
Sep 13, 2023

Searching for an efficient EV charger that aligns with your renewable energy goals can be a difficult task. We've been in the same boat, sifting through countless products until we discovered the Zappi v2 Charger, a British-made smart home charger renowned for its unique features such as integrated solar, wind, and micro-hydro capabilities.

This blog aims to deliver an in-depth review of this top-rated EV charger, including everything from the design and installation process to the user experience and customer feedback. So, let's gear up to unlock a greener way of charging your electric vehicle!

Key Takeaways

  • The Zappi Charger is a high-quality, British-made smart home charger that can be installed easily and works with solar, wind, or micro-hydro power.
  • It offers fast charging speeds for electric vehicles and has features like solar charging and boost mode for quick charging when needed.
  • The Myenergi app allows users to monitor and control the charger from their phone, receive firmware updates for improved performance, and access reliable customer support.
  • Positive customer reviews highlight the Zappi Charger's ability to save money on electricity bills, its durability, and its integration with renewable energy sources.

Overview of Zappi Charger

The Zappi Charger is a high-quality, British-made smart home charger that combines innovative design with advanced functionality.

Design and build quality

The Zappi charger stands out with its top-notch design and build. It's made in Britain and built for a long life. The charger comes in two types: tethered and untethered. You can choose the one that suits you best.

What makes Zappi special is that it works with solar, wind, or micro-hydro power. That means it uses clean energy to charge electric cars. We love how well-made this charger is!

Installation process

Installing the Zappi v2 charger is straightforward for Irish homeowners. Here's how:

  1. Find a suitable location near your electric vehicle (EV) parking space.
  2. Ensure that you have access to the necessary electrical supply, usually a 240V circuit.
  3. Mount the charger on the wall or a sturdy post using the provided bracket.
  4. Connect the charger to your home's electrical system, following the provided wiring instructions.
  5. If you opt for the untethered version, connect your EV's charging cable to the Zappi using the Type 2 connector.
  6. Configure the charger settings through the myenergi app to optimise its performance and solar integration features.

Charging speeds

The Zappi charger offers fast charging speeds for electric vehicles. It efficiently charges your EV, allowing you to get back on the road quickly. With its smart technology, it can adapt to off-peak hours when electricity is cheaper, saving you money while still providing a speedy charge.

Whether you have solar panels or not, the Zappi charger delivers pure solar, battery, or wind turbine energy to your car. You don't have to worry about waiting around for hours to charge your EV with this efficient and high-performing charger.

Features and modes (solar charging, boost mode)

The Zappi Charger offers some great features and modes that make it stand out. One of its key features is solar charging, which allows you to charge your electric vehicle using the power generated by your solar panels.

This helps you save money on electricity bills and reduces your carbon footprint. Another useful mode is boost mode, which allows you to quickly charge your EV when you're in a hurry.

With boost mode, you can get a significant amount of charge in a short amount of time, which is perfect for those times when you need to hit the road quickly. These features make the Zappi Charger an excellent choice for homeowners who want to integrate renewable energy into their EV charging experience.

User Experience

The Myenergi app offers a convenient way to monitor and control the Zappi Charger, ensuring a user-friendly EV charging experience. Firmware updates can be easily installed, keeping the charger up-to-date with the latest features and improvements.

Plus, customer support is readily available for any assistance needed. Read on to discover more about the user experience with the Zappi Charger.

Myenergi app

The Myenergi app is an essential part of the Zappi charger experience. With this user-friendly app, you have full control over your EV charging from the palm of your hand. You can easily monitor and manage your charging sessions, set timers for off-peak charging when electricity rates are lower, and even track how much money you've saved by using surplus solar energy to charge your car.

The app also allows you to receive firmware updates for your Zappi charger, ensuring that you always have access to the latest features and improvements. Plus, if you ever need assistance or have questions about your charger, the Myenergi customer support team is just a tap away through the app.

Overall, Irish homeowners will find the Myenergi app to be an invaluable tool in maximising their Zappi charger's efficiency and enjoying a seamless EV charging experience.

Firmware updates

The regular updates can be easily installed through the myenergi app, keeping your charger up-to-date with the latest enhancements.

The firmware updates ensure that you are getting the most out of your Zappi charger and have access to all its smart charging capabilities. Plus, with a British-made product like Zappi, you can trust that these updates are designed to provide you with a reliable and efficient EV charging experience for years to come.

Customer support

At Going Solar, our experience with customer support for the Zappi charger has been exceptional. The team at myenergi is known for their prompt and helpful assistance, ensuring that any queries or issues are resolved quickly and efficiently.

They have a high customer satisfaction rating on Trustpilot, which is a testament to their commitment to providing excellent service. Whether it's helping with installation questions or troubleshooting any technical difficulties, they go above and beyond to ensure that customers are satisfied with their Zappi charging experience.

Customer Reviews and Feedback

We will explore the Trustpilot ratings and gather positive reviews and comments about the Zappi Charger, as well as address any potential drawbacks or issues that customers may have encountered.

Trustpilot ratings

The Trustpilot ratings for the Zappi charger reflect its reliability and performance. Here's a summary of the ratings:

Rating Category         Number of Reviews       Percentage of Total Reviews

Excellent                      1,695                                     76%

Great                            305                                       14%

Average                        61                                         3%

Poor                              48                                         2%

Bad                               137                                       5%

These ratings are a testament to the Zappi charger's capabilities as well as Myenergi's dedication to customer satisfaction. Almost 90% of users have rated the charger as either excellent or great, pointing to its high build quality, smart charging features, and ability to utilise surplus solar energy.

Positive reviews and comments

Many Irish homeowners who have used the Zappi Charger have left positive reviews and comments. They appreciate its smart charging features, which allow it to charge their electric vehicles during off-peak hours when electricity is cheaper.

Users also love that the charger can utilise surplus solar energy to charge their EVs, reducing their reliance on the grid and helping them save money. The myenergi app has received high praise for its user-friendly interface and ease of use.

Overall, customers are impressed with the Zappi Charger's durability, long lifespan, and ability to integrate renewable energy sources like solar panels, wind turbines, and micro-hydro systems into their EV charging experience.

Potential drawbacks or issues

We'll be honest with you: There are a few potential drawbacks or issues to consider when it comes to the Zappi Charger. One factor is the price. Some homeowners might find that it's a bit more expensive compared to other EV chargers on the market.

However, it's important to remember that the Zappi Charger offers unique features and integration with renewable energy sources. Another thing to keep in mind is that installation can be a bit complex, especially if you're not familiar with electrical work.

It may require professional help for proper setup. Lastly, while the user experience on the Myenergi app is generally positive, some users have reported occasional connectivity issues or difficulty updating the firmware.

In a Nutshell!

The Zappi Charger is a top-notch smart home charger known for its versatility and excellent features. It integrates seamlessly with solar, wind, and micro-hydro systems, enabling homeowners to charge their electric vehicles (EVs) using renewable energy.

Users have given the charger high marks for its easy-to-use app and durable design. For those seeking an efficient, eco-friendly home charging solution for their EVs, the Zappi Charger stands out as a superb choice. And when it comes to installation or any services related to solar panel systems, Going Solar is your best option. Trust Going Solar for expert installation and support, ensuring you get the most out of your Zappi Charger and renewable energy solutions

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Zappi charger work?

The Zappi charger works by intelligently managing the charging of your electric vehicle, prioritising renewable energy sources such as solar or wind power to charge your car.

Can I install the Zappi charger at home?

Yes, you can install the Zappi charger at home, as it is designed for residential use and compatible with standard electrical systems.

What are the benefits of using a Zappi charger?

Using a Zappi charger allows you to maximise the use of renewable energy, reduce your carbon footprint, and potentially save money on charging costs in the long run.

Is the installation of a Zappi charger complicated?

The installation of a Zappi charger requires professional expertise and knowledge of electrical systems, so it's recommended to have it installed by a qualified electrician for safety and efficiency purposes.

Is the Zappi charger compatible with all types of electric vehicles?

Yes, the Zappi charger is designed to be compatible with a wide range of electric vehicles. However, always check the manufacturer's recommendations or consult with an expert for specific compatibility concerns.

How does the Zappi charger prioritise renewable energy over grid power?

The Zappi charger uses smart technology to detect when renewable energy sources, like solar or wind, are available and will prioritise these sources over grid power, ensuring eco-friendly charging for your EV.

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