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Enhance your energy solutions with our featured product, the Huawei Smart Energy Center, specifically the SUN2000 series of inverters which are designed to smoothly combine with your solar setup to optimise energy use and maximise savings.

Product Overview

The Huawei SUN2000 Series Inverters are an advanced solution for converting direct current (DC) output into alternating current (AC), suitable for both residential and commercial use. These inverters utilise advanced technology to increase energy efficiency and system operation stability.

Key Features

Here are some key features:

High Efficiency

Achieve maximum conversion efficiencies of up to 98.4%, and European weighted efficiencies up to 97.8%, ensuring more power and better returns on your investment.

AI Powered Active Safety

Utilise advanced AI algorithms to provide active arcing protection, reducing risks and enhancing system safety.


With dual maximum power point tracking, systems adapt to varying sunlight conditions by optimising output for maximum energy production.

Battery Compatibility

Supports a range of battery types including the HUAWEI Smart ESS Battery (5kWh – 30kWh) and LG Chem RESU 7H_R / 10H_R, allowing for energy storage and utilisation during peak demand or outages.

Smart Management

LED indicators and integration with the FusionSolar APP for real-time monitoring and management.

Technical Specifications

Input Specifications:

Max PV Power:
Up to 9,000 Wp
Max Input Voltage:
600 V
Start-up Voltage:
100 V
MPPT Operating Voltage:
 90 V – 560 V
Max Input Current per MPPT:
12.5 A

Why Choose Huawei SUN2000 Inverters?

Choosing the SUN2000 series means investing in a future-proof solution that offers:

Enhanced Safety: With AI-powered protection mechanisms to prevent electrical hazards.

Versatility: Ready to connect with a variety of PV modules and compatible with multiple battery storage options.

Smart Technology: Easy integration with smart home systems through WLAN and optional dongles for wider connectivity.

Available Models

We offer a range of models within the SUN2000 series to suit different power needs:

  • SUN2000-2KTL-L1
  • SUN2000-3KTL-L1
  • SUN2000-3.68KTL-L1
  • SUN2000-4KTL-L1
  • SUN2000-4.6KTL-L1
  • SUN2000-5KTL-L1
  • SUN2000-6KTL-L1

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