Schletter For Standing Seam

The Schletter Standing Seam Clamps are designed for quick and direct fastening on a wide range of standing seam metal roofs. These clamps ensure a stable and durable attachment without penetrating the roof surface, preserving its integrity and longevity.

Key Features

Our Schletter Standing Seam Clamps are packed with features to ensure a smooth installation process. Each feature has been carefully designed to offer maximum efficiency and durability.

Fast and Easy Installation:

The Schletter clamps attach directly to the seam without penetrating the roof surface, making the installation process quick and easy. The quick mounting adapter comes pre-assembled, further reducing installation time.

High Compatibility:

These clamps are compatible with Schletter's Classic and ProLine rails, providing flexibility in system design. They can be used with a variety of standing seam roof types, including Kalzip and similar designs.

Superior Material Quality:

Made from high-grade aluminium, the clamps are resistant to corrosion and designed for long-lasting performance. Their optimised geometric design enhances load-bearing capacity while remaining lightweight.

Optimised Design:

The clamps feature an optimised geometric design that enhances load-bearing capacity. Adjustable height options allow for various roof configurations, adding to their versatility and effectiveness.

Enhanced Stability:

The design and material quality ensure high stability, even under heavy loads and extreme weather conditions. This makes them an excellent choice for both residential and commercial applications.

Technical Specifications:

Here are the detailed technical specifications of our Schletter Standing Seam Clamps, showcasing their strong and efficient design:

  • Material: High-grade aluminum (EN AW-6063 T66)
  • Weight: 0.12 kg per clamp
  • Mounting Options: Suitable for vertical and horizontal module clamping
  • Finish: Available in natural grey and black anodised finishes


Choosing Schletter Standing Seam Clamps for your solar installation comes with numerous benefits. Discover how these clamps can enhance your solar panel system's performance and longevity.

Non-Penetrative Installation:

The clamps attach directly to the seam, protecting the integrity of your roof. This non-invasive installation method ensures no damage to the roof surface, preserving its longevity and appearance.

Quick Installation Process:

Pre-assembled components simplify the mounting process, saving time and reducing labour costs. This efficiency makes them ideal for both residential and commercial installations.

High Load Capacity:

The optimised design allows for maximum load-bearing capacity. This ensures your solar panels remain securely mounted, even under heavy loads and extreme weather conditions.

Long-Lasting Durability:

Made from high-grade aluminium, the clamps are corrosion-resistant and designed for long-term use. Their strong construction guarantees reliable performance for years to come.

Versatility in Application:

The adjustable height options and compatibility with various roof types make these clamps versatile. They are suitable for a wide range of installations, providing a flexible solution for different needs.

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