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Fed up with high energy bills and looking for a sustainable solution? Discover the benefits of solar panels in Roscommon with Going Solar. Get in touch or fill out our online form to start your eco-friendly journey today.


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Why Choose Going Solar for Solar PV Installation Services in Roscommon?


We have years of experience installing solar panels in Roscommon at Going Solar. Our skilled team is equipped with the knowledge and expertise to provide you with the best solar solutions tailored to your unique needs. You can trust us to deliver exceptional service and a seamless installation process.

Quality Products

We pride ourselves on using only the highest quality solar PV in Roscommon. Our solar system components are sourced from reputable manufacturers, ensuring durability and optimal performance. When you choose Going Solar, you can be confident that you're investing in a reliable solar energy system built to last.

Comprehensive Services

At Going Solar, we don't just install solar panels in Roscommon, Ireland; we offer end-to-end services, from consultation to design, installation, and aftercare support. Our holistic approach ensures a smooth experience and complete peace of mind throughout the process.

Competitive Pricing

We understand the importance of affordability when adopting solar energy. That's why we offer competitive pricing for our services without compromising quality or service. With Going Solar, you can enjoy the benefits of solar energy without breaking the bank.

Commitment to Sustainability

At Going Solar, our mission goes beyond providing solar panels in Roscommon. We're passionate about fostering a greener future for our community and the environment. By choosing us, you're investing in sustainable energy and contributing to a more eco-friendly world.

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Professional & Experienced PV Panel Installation in Roscommon

Are you frustrated with the unreliable service and low-quality products some solar PV installation providers offer? At Going Solar, we understand your concerns and are dedicated to delivering professional and reliable service. Our skilled technicians are committed to providing you with the best solar PV in Roscommon, ensuring a hassle-free experience.

  • Solar consultation and design
  • Solar panel installation
  • System monitoring and support
  • Grid-tied and off-grid solutions
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Our Comprehensive Services

Solar Consultation and Design

Our team of experts will assess your energy requirements and create a custom solar system design that caters to your specific needs, maximising your return on investment and energy savings.

Solar Panel Installation

Our experienced technicians will install your solar panels in Roscommon with precision and care, ensuring the highest quality workmanship and seamless integration with your property's electrical system.

Solar System Monitoring and Maintenance

Going Solar offers ongoing system monitoring and maintenance services to keep your panels functioning optimally, addressing any issues that may arise and ensuring your system's longevity.

Grid-tied and Off-grid Solutions

Depending on your energy needs and preferences, Going Solar can provide both grid-tied and off-grid solutions in Roscommon, allowing you to choose the best option for your specific circumstances.

What We Do

Upto €2,100 SEAI Grant For Irish Homeowners

Plus, the VAT rate has recently been cut from solar panels to 0%, making it a great time to buy!


Our Process

Step 1 – Consultation & Site Assessment

Our journey begins with a comprehensive consultation and site assessment. Our team will evaluate your property, energy consumption, and solar potential during this stage to develop a customised solar PV system tailored to your unique needs.

Step 2 – System Design & Proposal

Using the data gathered during the site assessment, our expert engineers will design a system that optimises energy production and efficiency. We will then present you with a detailed proposal outlining the system specifications, cost breakdown, and estimated savings.

Step 3 – Installation & Commissioning

Once you approve the proposal, our skilled technicians will carry out the installation process, adhering to the highest standards of workmanship and safety. After the installation, we will commission the system and ensure it operates at peak performance.

Step 4 – Ongoing Support & Maintenance

At Going Solar, we're committed to providing ongoing support and assistance to ensure your solar PV system continues to deliver maximum performance and savings. While PV panels require minimal maintenance, our team will be available to answer any questions, troubleshoot issues, and provide guidance on system optimisation and energy efficiency improvements.

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Make the Switch to Solar Panels in Roscommon Today!

Make the Switch to Solar Panels in Roscommon Today!

Embrace a cleaner, greener, and more cost-effective energy solution by choosing Going Solar for your solar panel installation in Roscommon. Take advantage of our expert advice, comprehensive services, and competitive pricing by filling out our contact form for a free quote and consultation. Rest assured, we'll get back to you within 2-4 hours. If you need urgent assistance, don't hesitate to call us – we're here to help!

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