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Are you looking to reduce your energy bills, increase the value of your home and do your part in helping Ireland reach its renewable energy targets?

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With Going Solar, you can do all that and more by harnessing the sun’s power! We are an SEAI-registered company providing high-quality solar panels for residential use. 

Our proven products and expert team of engineers can tailor a system to your needs and ensure you get the most efficient residential solar panels. Explore our range of solar panels for homes today!

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Solar Panels For Home

Benefits of Solar PV Electricity


Utilise Renewable Energy

Solar energy is a renewable resource, meaning you will never run out of it. Investing in solar panels for homes can take advantage of the sun’s natural power and contribute to Ireland’s renewable energy targets.


Save Money

They can help you save money on energy bills. As the sun’s power is free, converting it into usable electricity will reduce your energy costs and pay for itself over the long run.


Increase Home Value

Installing panels can add value to your home by making it more energy efficient and attractive to potential buyers.


Low Maintenance

They require little to no upkeep, making them a significant long-term investment. The system should last up to 25 years with no risk of breakdowns.

Our Expert Solar Panel Services for Homes in Ireland

Step-by-step Process:


Our team of experts will assess your property to determine the best placement for the panels and ensure the system is secure. We will also consider factors such as roof insulation, shade and roof orientation to ensure optimal results.


We provide professional and efficient installation of solar PV systems. Our team will ensure all components are correctly installed and meet safety standards.


We offer regular maintenance and service to ensure the system runs reliably for years. Our experienced engineers can address any issues quickly and advise on improving your system’s efficiency.


We can monitor your panels to ensure they work optimally. This will help you identify potential problems and track the system’s performance.

Solar Panels For House

Why Choose Going Solar For Residential Solar Panels?



Going Solar is an SEAI-registered company, meaning you know you’re in safe hands and that our products meet the highest quality standards.


Professional Installation

Going Solar has a professional team of engineers to install your solar PV system, tailored to your needs, quickly and efficiently.


Quality Products

Our residential solar panel kits have proven reliability and performance, with a wide variety of panel types, sizes and wattages for your selection.


Commitment to the Environment

We are committed to helping reduce our carbon footprint and doing our part to protect the environment. All of our products are designed with sustainability in mind.


Comprehensive Support

Our customer service team can answer any of your questions before, during and after installation. Get in touch today for a free consultation.

Solar Panels Grants in Ireland

Solar Panel Grants in Ireland offer a great incentive for homeowners to shift towards sustainable, renewable energy sources. Ireland’s solar panel grant scheme provides significant financial assistance based on the installed capacity of your solar photovoltaic (PV) system.

For a 1kWp system, homeowners can benefit from a grant of €900, while a 2kWp system will attract a grant of €1,800. Notably, for higher capacity systems, the grant amount also increases. A 2kWp system qualifies for a grant of €2,100, and if you opt for a robust 4kWp system, you can avail of a substantial €2,400 grant. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is solar power worth it in Ireland?

Despite Ireland’s reputation for grey skies, solar power can still be a worthwhile investment. Solar panels can generate electricity even on cloudy days, although their output will be less than in full sunshine.

2. How long will solar panels last?

These panels typically last up to 25 years, with regular maintenance and service. This makes them a significant long-term investment.

3. How many solar panels are needed to power a house in Ireland?

The number of solar panels needed to power a house in Ireland can vary depending on several factors such as the size of the house, the number of occupants, and their energy consumption habits. On average, a typical Irish home would require a solar panel system of around 3kW to 4kW.

4. Is there any grant support for residential panels in Ireland??

Yes, the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI) offers grants of up to €2,400 for residential panels. This grant covers up to 4 kWp of installed solar PV. Our team can discuss the best options for you and help you apply for the grant.

5. Can I Run My House Solely On Solar Panels?

Yes, it is possible to run your entire home on solar panels; however, this depends on factors such as the size of your roof and how much energy you need.

6. Do Solar Panels Require Maintenance?

Solar panels do not require regular maintenance and servicing to ensure they are working efficiently. 

6. How Much Does It Cost To Install Solar Panels On My Home?

The cost of installing solar panels for homes in Ireland can vary depending on the size and type of system you choose. Generally, a 2kWp solar PV system can cost around €4,000-€5,000, with an additional €300-€400 for installation.

The good news is that you can get up to €2,400 in grants from the SEAI, reducing your installation cost significantly. Going Solar is an SEAI-registered company and can provide you with a free consultation to determine the best system for your needs and available grants.

7. Is it legal to install your own solar panels in Ireland?

It’s legal to install your own solar panels in Ireland. However, it’s strongly recommended to hire a certified professional installer.

Reviews From Happy Customers

Going Solar made our switch to solar energy so easy and we're loving the money we're saving on our energy bills.

We highly recommend Going Solar to anyone considering making the switch to solar energy. The team was professional, knowledgeable, and the installation process was seamless.

We were skeptical about switching to solar energy, but Joe and the team at Going Solar completely changed our minds. They were professional, knowledgeable, and patient in answering all of our questions. The installation process was seamless and we've been saving money on our energy bills ever since. We highly recommend Going Solar to anyone considering making the switch.

My family and I decided to switch to solar energy to do our part in protecting the environment. Going Solar made the process so easy and we are thrilled with the results. We can't believe how much money we've saved on our energy bills and we have peace of mind knowing that we are reducing our carbon footprint. Thank you, Going Solar!

We were in need of a new roof and decided to go with solar panels at the same time. Joe and his team at Going Solar were able to seamlessly integrate the panels into our new roof and the installation process was hassle-free. We are extremely happy with the end result and have already recommended Going Solar to our friends and neighbors.

As a business owner, it's important to me that we do our part to be environmentally responsible. Going Solar made it easy for us to switch to solar energy and we couldn't be happier with the results. Michael was an excellent salesperson and was able to answer all of our questions and concerns. We highly recommend Going Solar to any business looking to make the switch.

Very professional, well installed and easy to work with on grants etc. The panels are working great since installation earlier this year. I would definitely recommend

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Get Upto €2,400 Grant By SEAI For Solar Panels.

Our experts can help determine your eligibility & help to apply for SEAI solar panel grant.