Solis Energy Storage Inverters

At Going Solar, we are your premier destination for sustainable energy solutions. We are proud to introduce the Solis Energy Storage Inverters, an advanced solution designed to enhance your solar panel installation and energy storage capabilities. Our Solis inverters are designed to provide a seamless transition to solar energy, ensuring that your home or business remains powered with clean, renewable energy.

Models Available

  • S5-EH1P3K-L
  • S5-EH1P3.6K-L
  • S5-EH1P4.6K-L
  • S5-EH1P5K-L
  • S5-EH1P6K-L

Each model is tailored to meet diverse energy needs, ensuring that there's a perfect match for every customer.

Key Features

Max. String Input Current: 15A, accommodating strong energy generation.

Uninterrupted Power Supply: Quick 20ms reaction time for consistent power.

Backup Power: Up to 5kW to support crucial loads during outages.

Grid-Friendly: Features like shifting and peak shaving for efficient energy use.

Multiple Working Modes: Maximises self-consumption and increases economic benefits.

High Efficiency: Enhanced charge-discharge efficiency for better economic returns.

Safety First: AFCI protection to proactively reduce fire risks.

Battery Compatibility: Works with both lithium and lead-acid batteries, offering flexibility.

Silent Operation: Fanless design ensures a quiet and long lifespan.

Intelligent EMS: Improves battery reliability through smart energy management.

Safety and Longevity: High-frequency isolation technology for a safer, longer-lasting system.

Energy Management: 24-hour intelligent management for real-time PV plant status.

Remote Control & Upgrade: Digital maintenance at your fingertips.

Technical Specifications

Input DC (PV Side)

Recommended Max. PV Power: Ranges from 4.8 kW to 8 kW across models.

Max. Input Voltage: 600 V, with a start-up voltage of 120 V.

MPPT Voltage Range: 90-520 V, ensuring optimal solar energy capture.

Battery Specifications

Battery Type Compatibility: Li-ion and Lead-acid.

Battery Voltage Range: 42 - 58 V.

Max. Charge / Discharge Power: Up to 5 kW, supporting substantial energy storage and usage.

Output AC (Back-up)

Rated Output Power: Up to 5 kW, with a back-up switch time of less than 20 ms.

Efficiency & Protection

Max. Efficiency: Greater than 97.1%, with EU efficiency over 96.5%.

Comprehensive Protection: Includes DC reverse-polarity, short circuit, over current, and surge protections.

Why Choose Solis Inverters for Your Solar Solution?

Solis Energy Storage Inverters are not just about converting and storing solar energy; they are about transforming how you interact with your energy ecosystem. With advanced features designed for efficiency, safety, and convenience, Solis inverters are the smart choice for homeowners and businesses ready to make the switch to solar.

Whether you're looking to reduce your carbon footprint, save on energy costs, or ensure your energy independence, Solis Energy Storage Inverters provide the reliability and performance you need. Explore our range today and ensure you’re taking the right decision trusting a sustainable future with Going Solar.

Ready to Start Saving with Solis?

Ready to bring change with solar? Join the renewable energy revolution with Solis Energy Storage Inverters. Don’t think twice to make a positive impact on the environment and your wallet.

Contact Going Solar today to learn more about our Solis Energy Storage Inverters and get started towards a sustainable future.