Going Solar is dedicated to providing premier solar panel installation services optimised for residential and commercial settings. We utilise advanced crystalline silicon photovoltaic modules from Topco, enhancing our installations with proven reliability and efficiency. Our collaboration is set through a 25-Year Limited Product Warranty, reflecting our commitment to quality and your long-term satisfaction.

Warranty Scope

This Limited Warranty is provided by Going Solar, utilising Topco modules, and is designed for the installation and personal or commercial use of these high-grade photovoltaic systems. Coverage is applicable exclusively to Grade A modules.

Warranted Products

Single Glass Modules: Models such as 166SG and 210SG from Topco.

Double Glass Modules: Including models 166DG and 210DG from Topco.

Commencement Date of Warranty

Your coverage begins on the day of installation or the 90th day after delivery, whichever comes first.

15-Year Limited Product Warranty

We guarantee that our modules will be free from defects in design, materials, and skill for a full 15 years from the start date of your warranty.

25-Year Limited Product Warranty

For our customers, we offer an extended 25-year limited product warranty. This covers a range of module types, ensuring comprehensive protection for your solar investment.

Environmental and Installation Conditions

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Monthly Average Temperature:
The installation site must maintain a monthly average temperature of ≤45℃.
Monthly Average Humidity:
Humidity levels should not exceed 85%RH.
Extreme Environments:
Installation sites should not be subject to extreme conditions such as excessive cold, heavy snowfall, strong winds, or high salt-mist levels.
Installation Standards:
All installations must adhere to Going Solar’s standard installation manual to ensure optimal performance and eligibility for warranty coverage.
Warranty Void Conditions
If the installation does not comply with the conditions outlined in part 5.2, the additional 10-year warranty will be considered null and void.

Limited Warranty on Power Output

Power Output Measurement Standards

The peak power of modules is measured under Standard Test Conditions (STC): spectrum AM1.5, light intensity 1000W/m², and temperature 25±2℃.

All measurements conform to IEC 61215 standards and are conducted at the junction box terminals, based on calibration and test standards valid on the date of manufacture.

Remedial Measures and Warranty Claims

Remedial Measures: If Going Solar opts for repair or replacement of defective modules, we will cover insurance, transportation (excluding air transport), customs clearance, and related expenses for returning defective modules and delivering repaired or replaced ones.

Return Policy: Defective modules can be returned to Going Solar only with our written consent. If you have prepaid any related expenses, provide the invoice to us, and we will refund you.

Module Replacement: Should the specific module type be discontinued, Going Solar will provide an alternative module that meets the purchaser’s requirements. The costs for module removal or installation are carried by the buyer.

Warranty Period for Repaired or Replaced Modules

The warranty period for repaired or replaced modules remains the same as the original purchase, without extension or renewal.

Compensation Provisions

In case of multiple claims for a single issue, Going Solar will resolve the issue in accordance with our compensation provisions, addressing all applicable claims resulting from the problem.

Liability Exclusions

Coverage is void if installation and operational guidelines are not followed, if unauthorised repairs are made, or if environmental conditions exceed specified tolerances.

Claim Procedure

To initiate a claim, contact Going Solar with relevant documentation including proof of defect and purchase details within 30 days of issue identification.


This warranty is transferable to subsequent owners if the product remains installed at the original site and the transfer is legally documented.


If any provision of this warranty is considered unenforceable, it will not affect the validity of the remaining conditions.

Force Majeure

Going Solar is not liable for delays or failures to perform its obligations under this warranty due to circumstances beyond reasonable control.

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