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Discover the future of energy with AE Solar's Meteor Series – a perfect combination of elegance and efficiency. The AE CMD-1 20 BDE Series stands at the top of solar innovation, utilising the advanced N-TYPE TOPCon technology with high-efficiency half-cut cells. Customised to deliver advanced power output between 460W to 480W, these panels are carefully created to optimise your energy collection and boost your investment into a new era of eco-friendly returns.

Mechanical and Design Specifications

Cell Type: State-of-the-art N-type TOPCon technology with half-cut cells, optimised at 182 mm for higher efficiency.

Cell Number: A 120-cell configuration captures more sunlight and increases energy yield.

Bifaciality: An impressive 80-85% efficiency rate, enhancing power generation from ambient light.

Glass Composition: High transmission, anti-reflective (AR) coated, tempered glass (2.0 mm) maximises durability and light absorption.

Sealing: Advanced POE material paired with 2.0 mm black glazed, tempered back cover.

Frame and Junction Box: Created from 30 mm anodized aluminium with a junction box rated at IP 68 for maximum protection.

Durability and Resistance

The Huawei LUNA2000 Solar Battery comes with impressive specifications that make it suitable for various applications. Below are the key technical details of this innovative storage solution.

Durable Build:
Withstands high wind loads (max. 25 m/s) and heavy snow loads (up to 5400 Pa or 550 kg/m²).
Environmental Resilience:
Designed to resist potential induced degradation (PID), light-induced degradation (LID), ammonia, salt mist, and sand.
Temperature Coefficients:
Demonstrates excellent thermal performance with a low temperature coefficient of Pmax (-0.3%/°C), ensuring minimal power loss under high temperatures.

Electrical Specifications (STC)

Maximum Power (Pmax): Varies from 460W to 480W, ensuring a fit for various energy needs.

Voltage (Vmp/Voc): Maximum power voltage ranges from 34.72V to 35.88V, while open-circuit voltage spans from 42.05V to 42.71V across the models.

Current (Imp/Isc): Generate between 13.99A to 14.31A of short-circuit current.

Module Efficiency: Peak module efficiency of up to 21.58%, one of the highest in the market.

Packaging Information

Pallet Configuration: Efficiently packed with 26 panels per pallet, optimising transportation and logistics.

Pallet Size: Each pallet is precisely sized at 1955 mm by 1140 mm, with a height of 2490 mm.

Sustainability and Impact

Adopting AE Solar's Meteor Series reflects your commitment to a greener planet. These panels significantly reduce carbon emissions and dependency on non-renewable energy, taking you towards a sustainable future.

Installation and Support

Choosing Going Solar means expert installation and lifelong support. Our certified technicians ensure that your AE Solar panels operate at peak efficiency with a smooth and convenient integration into your energy system.

Warranties and Guarantees

Performance Guarantee: A 30-year performance guarantee, promising a minimum of 87.4% of nominal power after 30 years.

Product Warranty: A durable 15-year product warranty, protecting your investment.

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